Welcome to the Official Isthmian League Archive!

Please note that from today (15th May 2019) this archive has been updated to include the 2018/19 Isthmian League season. All 82,133 First Team League matches have been listed, along with all of their results and dates and it also contains nearly 57,000 of the attendances from 1905. Additionally, it includes all the major cups and a full Youth section, which have also been fully updated.

For new visitors, the results and dates have been cross referenced against dozens of other independent websites, club archives and history books to ensure accuracy. Just select the area you wish to look at by clicking on the relevant button below.

I have four match results still under scrutiny and these are listed in the Anomalies section. If anyone can help by providing a copy match report for any of those outstanding issues it would be appreciated. Please also note that some official League tables were found to be incorrect and are now corrected here, along with an explanation of why it was wrong in the first place.

If anyone has any Isthmian League Bulletins from earlier than 1987/88 that I could borrow for a week or two to copy, please drop me a line.

If any club wishes to include a link to this site on their websites, I would be extremely grateful. It may inspire your future club historians!

If anyone has any queries or questions, or wishes to advertise their services here, just drop me a line at: richard.c.lambert@gmail.com - Thank you and enjoy the site.

Further to the sad announcement relating to the Isthmian League Statistician Mike Wilson, who passed away on 7th December 2018, I can announce that it is this website's intention to place all of the early Isthmian League Statistical Reviews here at some point within the next year or two and possibly all of them in due course. It would be very sad if his hard work in this area was no longer available to all. Anyone wishing to purchase any of the old hard copies can still apply to Mike's email address, (wilson-m17@sky.com) where his son Dan will be able to deal with your enquiry, although I imagine that this offer will not be around forever.

Also coming up in the Autumn of 2020 hopefully will be the Isthmian League Reserve Section records. This is proving to be a large job, due to a much poorer coverage, so if you are a club historian and have any records for your reserve teams, preferably with both results and dates, just let me know. Thanks!