Welcome to the fully completed Official Isthmian League Archive!

Here you will find all the historical information about our League that you could ever need. The information has been cross referenced against dozens of other independent websites, club archives and history books to ensure accuracy. Additionally, much new data will be released here online for the very first time as this site continues to grow.

Just select the area you wish to look at by clicking on the relevant button below.

Please note that from 30th July 2017 the archive now contains all records from 1905 to the present day, including over 53,000 match attendances. I have 18 match results still under scrutiny and these are listed in the Anomalies section.

Please also note that some official League tables were found to be incorrect and are now corrected here. I have verified every one of the 78,875 results from three different sources to ensure the tables are correct.

The website now contains 28 of the first 29 issues of the Isthmian News courtesy of Alan Beecham. Steve Parsons from Staines Town has now lent me the remaining copies and they will be online by the end of August as will the 1987/88 Bulletins. If anyone has any earlier bulletins that I could borrow for a week or two to copy, please drop me a line.

If any club wishes to include a link to this site on their websites I would be extremely grateful. It may inspire your future club historians!

If anyone has any queries or questions, just drop me a line at: richard.c.lambert@gmail.com - Thank you and enjoy the site.